The Macaws of Bolivia

Macaws are being killed for pleasure wear!!!!! What can we do to stop it?  Please check out this web Butchered Macaws of Bolivia at It has to be stopped!! (November 19, 1999).

Special article about the Butchered Macaws of Bolivia in the Psitta Scene of the World Parrot Trust!! Of course the articles are copyrighted by the World Parrot Trust!!

World Parrot Trust

I am a member of the World Parrot Trust and once in a while I get their magazine (editor Rosemary Low). In volume 11, no. 4 November 1999 there is an article about Bolivia. You really must read it!! Click on the pages 1 and 2 (December 28, 1999).

World Parrot Trust                       World Parrot Trust


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