Parrot Books

On this page you 'll find all the books (front and back are scanned) I once bought about parrots. Maybe it can help you choose a book of the kind of bird you have. If you have questions about a book, please send me some email to [email protected]. Most of the books can be ordered at:, and

First I start with the English books, then the Dutch books and at last some German books. Just click on the thumbnails to see the enlarged version:


English books about budgies:

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Dutch books about budgies:

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German book about budgies (Wellensittiche):

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English books about Lovebirds:   

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Dutch books about lovebirds:

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ISBN nr. 90 5841 016 1 / in this book of Esther Verhoef you'll find a lot of photo's made by me! I am very proud of that! To visit Esthers website, just go to

Senegal Parrots

English books about Senegal parrots:

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German book about Senegal parrots (Mohrenkopf Papageien):

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Other parrot books:


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