Birds of my Friends (2)

Joanna's Lovebirds. She also has a website and know a lot about these little creatures!! Her website is at: Here some of her breeds:


This is Scooby, the budgie of a good friend of mine, Conny. Isn't he a real cutie?? Scooby died.. but he will always be in our mind!

Scooby on his cage  I am a very nice budgie  I think my nails are too long??

She also owns Sammy, the hybrid lovebird and yes... a baby of Pucky and Sweetie! (see the breeding story)! Here he is.... click on the photo's to see a larger version!

Ahh.. there is aunt Ellen!  Okay Sambo! You are beautiful!!  what a cutie pie!!!!

Conny has a new budgie and his name is Moossie (family of my budgie Pookie, yes!):


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