Birds of my Friends (3)

Here you see the birds of Mimi Walling from We shoot birds! Oh my... she makes terrific photo's and you can see them at her site at You can also order cards etc from these wonderful photo's! Click on the thumbnails to enlarge:


the first photo is Lucky, the hyacinth macaw, and on the right you 'll see the military macaw Oscar! aren't they just gorgeous?? Thanx for sharing these wonderful photo's, Mimi!!!

This is Tommy from my friend Jan. He is such a sweet lovebird! Only since a while he starts plucking himself in his neck.. see? The reason why is unknown, but Tommy is always very playfull and healthy. I saw Tommy in Februari 2003 for a BVA interview (BVA is Belgium Lovebird Society, which I am a member of). To read the interview, click on this thumbnail:

here some photos of Tommy! Click on the little images to see a larger photo:


Ellen, July 10, 2004

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