Lovebird Information

The normal green lovebird
Normal green peach-faced lovebird (Agapornis Roseicollis).

Lovebirds are very popular birds to keep in the living room. Their are 9 species of lovebirds, for example the
Agapornis Roseicollis
Agapornis Nigrigenis

Agapornis Fischeri

Agapornis Personata

and others....

an example of a lovebird cage
Like this one. The perches better are made from wood, no plastic!!

Taking a bath


If you want to learn more about breeding with (for example) lovebirds, please visit the Lovebird Story page. Click on these babies to go to this page:

Or to the breeding menu to see all the baby birds I had.

Totally in love....

Find more information about lovebirds in the book "Lovebirds, look-and-learn" by Tammy Halaburda.

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