Paradise Park Cornwall

In May, 1998 - during my holidays - I visited Paradise Park,
Hayle (Cornwall, South England). 

This is me at the entrance of Paradise Park

The Paradise Gardens
It is a very beautiful and unique park, with lots of animals (especially birds/parrots) and it is also worth visiting to see the Victorian walled gardens with sub-tropical plants and a procession of rose and clematis arches. The Park is set in 14 acres of gardens.

Lovely flowers A footpath surrounded by flowers

A wonderful nature (click on pictures to enlarge)

The Home of the World Parrot Trust
It is also the home of The World Parrot Trust, working internationally for the survival and welfare of all parrots. Already giving sanctuary to many unwanted pets. Visit the website of the World Parrot Trust by clicking on this logo:

The Parrot Jungle
This Parrot Jungle was really sublime!! I "talked" with an african grey and I admired all the parrots. They are very good taking care of. You'll find huge aviaries and spectacular birds, jungly plants, streams, boardwalks and waterfalls.
It is really a paradise for jungle creatures like parrots, cockatoos and toucans.
Here you find an photo impression of some parrots and other birds, living in this park:


(Click on pictures to enlarge)


(Click on pictures to enlarge)

Some other animals
Last but not least you 'll find in this Park cute penguins and playful Asian otters, shy European otters and also large North American otters. Many baby otters have been produced in this Park. They are lovely playful creatures, especially at feeding times.

Otters Penguin

(click on pictures to enlarge)

Also a Paradise for Kids
Paradise Park has plenty of space for children to play, meet friendly animals, discover brilliantly coloured birds and learn about conservation. Worthwhile fun for the whole family!!
Well.....I hope you enjoyed my visit to Paradise Park! If you have suggestions or comments, please let me know by email: 
[email protected].

St. Ives (Cornwall)

A beautiful place near Hayle, St. Ives (Cornwall)

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