Sweetie, the blue-masked lovebird

My lovebird Sweetie died on December 27, 2007! She wasn't feeling well lately. Her left wing couldn't be moved anymore and what I thought was true... she also had a tumor under her wing. Because of that she was getting neurological problems.. she was constantly turning with her head etc... so I went to the vet and let him put her to sleep... I am very sad, but her life wasn't worthwile anymore. (photos of December 18, 2007: click here)

This was one of the last photos I took of her:

and with her boyfriend Pucky:

I will never forget you, dearest 'Sweetie Pie'! Your mom Ellen, 05-01-2008

This is my blue masked lovebird Sweetie. I bought her  at Friday February 25, 2000. I saw her at the petshop for weeks and I couldn't resist buying her (I did a DNA test to find out it's a she)! She's a girlfriend for Pucky and she lives in the same cage. They still aren't great friends, but they don't fight with each other either. I think she is already one year old, don't know for sure. Her ring says 1998, but my Senegal Mickey has also a ring on her foot and that says that she is from 1998 too, but she was born in May 1999! 

Sweetie in October 2006

Here you will find some pictures taken on the second day that she was here with me and my other birds.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures:

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