Bobbie, the blue fishers lovebird Bobbie

Since February 2005 I have Bobbie. Bobbie is a gorgeous blue fishers lovebird and she is a friend for Jamie. Bobbie is born on September 25, 2004 and from a good friend of mine, Sjef. Actually was meant to be a boyfriend for Jamie but.... Bob is female too.. gosh! But it isn't a problem for me of course although I always hope to have babies from Jamie some day in future.

Together with Pucky, Sweetie and Jamie on the favorite vase, having a party!

Bobbie is a very shy lovie. Although she sees with her own eyes (LOL) that I can handle Jamie, cuddle her, etc... Bobbie only let me do this when I finally have her in my hand. Getting her is getting more easy at the moment, so she is getting a bit closer to me now. She has a very sweet and kind character and I love her very much.

Here some photo's of Bobbie. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photo's!


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