Bonnie, my female budgie Bonnie

Since July 3 2005 I have another budgie, named Bonnie. Bonnie is a girl and so a friend for my budgie Pookie! I got Bonnie from a breeder in my hometown, named Gerrit.

I put her in the same cage as Pookie and things went well. They never did fight or were aggressive towards another. But... they still are ONLY friends.. not partners. LOL. I really really hope they once will breed, but if not. That is okay with me. They have a nestingbox for months now, but only one time I saw that Bonnie went in.. that was a week ago. We'll see!

A few minutes in her new cage and new home.

Being so young (about 7 weeks) you cannot see the gender of the budgie, so I had to wait and hope that Bonnie was female. The funniest thing is that in the mean time, Bonnie getting a little bit older, lots of friends told me (seeing from the photos I sent) " this MUST be a male!!"

See this photo and the blue on the cere. But you also see a light brown coming on the ceres and that wasn't there in the very beginning. Also Bonnie was very busy and if she didn't want to be handled by me, she bit me very hard. So my feeling than already said.. it is a girl.

I wanted a female for Pookie, so I did a DNA test at Gendika ( and guess what? I was fully right. LOL.. Female for sure.

Look how the cere looks right now:

Brown... very brown indeed. LOL!!

Here photos from Bonnie from the day she was here till now (2006)


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