Book written by the famous lovebird expert Dirk van den Abeele!

Lovebirds  Owners manual and reference guide
agaporniden handboek

Agaporniden - Handboek en naslaggids -NL edition  39.50EUR

gaporniden - Handboek en naslaggids
Dutch edition

in English too!

Dirk Van den Abeele, an expert in the field of lovebirds, wrote a very detailed and beautifully illustrated handbook about lovebirds. It is a unique bird book, which no serious lovebird enthusiast and breeder should miss on his bookshelf.

This book, which counts more than three-hundred pages, deals with all lovebird species and all their sub-species in depth:
A. canus
A. taranta
A. pullarius
A. swindernianus
A. roseicollis
A. personatus
A. fischeri
A. nigrigenis
A. lilianae

Besides purchase, feeding, caging, care, health and exhibitions of these dwarf parrots, particular attention is paid to the breeding of colour mutations. All existing mutations are described comprehensively in this handbook. Even the latest colour mutation is already mentioned here! It contains hundreds of results of all sorts of possible combinations between the different mutations. You learn which colour mutations are suitable to be crossed with each other and which combinations are totally inadvisable. Of course, attention is also paid to genetics in this respect, the manners of inheritance and everything there is to know about colour pigments in lovebirds. To put it short, a unique publication in English.

Lovebirds- Hand- and guidebook is, with approximately five-hundred colour pictures, a standard work which will be distributed all over the world in many different languages. Avicultural experts from different countries worked on the pictures and translations. So far, there is not another book anywhere in the world which deals with lovebird inheritance and mutations as thoroughly as this one.

Shipment 1st October 2005

Agaporniden - Handboek en naslaggids Dutch edition
Author Dirk Van den Abeele
Ca. 500 colour photographs
304 pages
Measurements: 25.7 cm x 18.7 cm
ISBN 90-5821-253-X
Price 39.50

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