Charlie and Piwi, peach-faced lovebirds

NB: Charlie died January 14, 2007!! But she had a very good life, together with Piwi. Piwi's live goes on and he now is friends with my hybrid lovebird Sammy.

Thursday the 27th of July 2000 I adopted two lovebirds, named Charlie (female) and Piwi (male). The owners had to give them away because their little boy is allergic. So they had to make a difficult decision, that's for sure! They asked me if I knew someone who would love it to take care of those cuties. While talking with one of the owners it appeared that those birds are the parents of my lovebird Pucky! Isn't that hilarious? Well...anyway, to make a long story short, LOL, I adopted them with all my love. They are such funny birds. Charlie, the female one, is about 5 or 6 years old, she is tame, but not hand tame. The owners got the advice from the pet shop to handle the young bird directly with their hand. I don't say that this is totally wrong, because I did the same with Pucky and she is very tame now, but not every bird is the same. If you try to get them with your hand they constantly get very stressed out, keep it slow! Because the only effect is, that the bird sees the hand as a great danger. This is what happened with Charlie. Now she dislikes (well...I'd better say hates!) hands. But that doesn't matter to me. On the other hand she loves to sit on your shoulder or on your knee. She also loves to take a bath, but I have to be careful, because if she sees your cup of coffee, she might take her bath in there, LOL!!

By the way, Charlie looks a lot like my bird Tommie, who died in August 1998.

Then we have Piwi, the male bird. He looks just like his son Pucky!! Pucky is a little bit more white-faced blue. But it is difficult to see the difference between those two, that's so funny. Piwi is about 4 years old and tame. It took him almost about a year to get the love of Charlie. But now they are devoted to one another. When they fell in love they had some babies and one of them is my Pucky. Piwi never bites and he unconditional loves Charlie. He can fly very good, indeed!

Charlie and Piwi are still very in love:

October 22, 2006

Coming out of their cages they have quite a ritual!! First they like to read the morning paper. And I am not kidding. The first time they got out of their cage in my house, I put the paper on my couch and guess what? Yes, they directly went to the paper, see those pics, click on the thumbnails to see the enlarged photo:


After they finished their paper they love to have a refreshing bath in the kitchen.


Here some more pictures, also some together with (one of) my other birds:
(when you hold your mouse still on the thumbnails, you can read some text)

In the middle you see Pucky   Charlie, Piwi and on my knee Pucky   Piwi, Charlie and again on my knee Pucky   Charlie in Pucky and Sweetie's cage!  

left to the right: Piwi, Sweetie, Pucky and Charlie   Pucky, Sweetie and Charlie   Piwi, Sweetie, Charlie and Pucky  

Charlie and Piwi on their cage   Piwi was just flying away!   They aren't afraid of anything!!

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