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Updated 03-01-2011

Hi there! My name is Ellen (born at November 27, 1962) and I live in the Netherlands, near the seaport town of Rotterdam. I work as a secretary for the president and director of a county court and my hobby’s are music (modern and classic), my computer photography and (of course my) parrots. My motivation to make this homepage is to share my love for parrots with all other parrot lovers throughout the world. I own this site since 1997 and I get a lot of response and questions from people who also have birds, well...that's so nice you know!! Talking to other people, all over the world, about the same "addiction", LOL!! It certainly is an addiction, I am very sure of that. I have birds since I was about 12 years old (it started with a budgie). I sometimes bred with lovebirds (see the Lovebird story page). That was a wonderful experience. Sammy, my hybrid lovebird was born here and I saw him coming out of the egg:


I now have 4 lovebirds, 1 senegal parrot, 1 congo african grey parrot, 1 budgie and one quaker parrot.


The lovebirds and budgie come out of their cages a lot, for example after I come home from work. They play with each other, too! It's also very cozy to have them on my shoulder or head and pulling my hair; but in spite of this, those tiny winged creatures have stolen my heart. Mickey my sennie is super tame. She steps up and down and I can hold her to preen her head and neck feathers. Anyway, the most interesting thing of these birds is their curiosity for me and for their toys. Senegal parrots can sometimes be a bit moody, but well...we are moody too sometimes, aren't we? She is very emotional and sweet and that's what I love about her. Jamie is also very tame and cuddly, Bobbie on the other hand is very very shy. Piwi is the granddad of Sammy and they are the biggest friends, he he! Pookie (the budgie) has had some troubles with his health lately, but he is doing great now. He is 8 years old now. Tommy my grey is my best friend. He can talk quite good, but only if HE wants too LOL and last but not least, my quaker Paulie is way to funny.


Paulie, my quaker   Tommy, my grey parrot

Mickey, my sennie   Pookie, my budgie

More info about my quaker parrot will be here soon... way too busy so it is hard to keep up here! 

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