Jamie, the fishers lovebird

Meet Jamie, my new fishers lovebird. I have her since the beginning of March 2003, but I still didn't have the time to update my website!! She is born on January 24, 2003 and hand fed by my Belgium (BVA) friend Katrien de Pauw (visit her website at http://users.pandora.be/lovebirds).

Jamie is very special to me and she's is very tame too.
Katrien is married to René and René saw Jamie as the perfect champion bird for a (BVA) show! Jamies parents threw her out of the nest and when René found her she was cold as ice... so Katrien put Jamie in her bra!! ROFLOL! There she got warm again and right after that Katrien started hand feeding her. I fell in love with her after Katrien sent some photo's of this beautiful bird. During a BVA show in March I saw her in real life and I had to purchase René a little, he he.. and then he "suddenly" said that she was mine! I could take her home!! I was so happy.

Jamie was tested on pbfd and gender.. the pbfd test came out negative and ?? she is girl! As I have two couples (Charlie and Piwi & Pucky and Sweetie) and Dinky is still alone, I thought that this is a sweet little girlfriend for Dinky...well.. Dinky still thinks otherwise, he he. But time will tell....She is now living with Dinky in the lower part of the room aviary.

Here some photo's of Jamie. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photo's!

On the last two pics you see Jamie with Dinky.. a little miracle!

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