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    Mickey outside, Monday May 12, 2008
    My walk with Tommy and Mickey Sunday May 11, 2008
    My little ones

    We had a shower again, Saturday May 10, 2008
    My visit to the Dutch Parrot Refuge, May 2, 2008

    Tommy playing with an empty box

    My visit to Loes and her birds 260408
    Parrot walk in Austerlitz (near Woudenberg, Holland)
    Yippeeeee.... we can go out of the avairy, playing ! (the lovebirds)
    Tommy and Mickey playing with a spoon
    Jamie my fischers lovebird
    okay! I 'm not a cockatiel!! Tommy looking funny!
    Tommy and Mickey having their regular shower
    Mickey and the little ones
    Pucky playing Peek-A-Boo!
    Tommy and Mickey after their shower with mom
    Jamie playing in the coconut
    All my birds
    Tommy again
    Mickey preening herself very very good (LOL)

    Tommy & Mickey outide
    Tommy preening
    Tommy's sweet faces
    More lovebird photos
    Mickey preening
    Pucky and Jamie, two of my lovebirds
    Tommy eating some cheese
    The budgie of a friend of mine
    Visiting my friend Loes (she also has a grey parrot and a sennie)
    Mickey and Tommy enjoying a grape
    The Lovebirds 050108
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