PollyVision by Jamie Gilardi director World Parrot Trust

I ordered the DVD and although Jamie says that it's "strictly for parrots" I must admit that I viewed it too.. ROFLOL!! It is just wonderful. "Flying time is 1 hour and 20 minutes". Here some info:


Pollyvision DVD
“PollyVision”, TV for parrots.

Television strictly for parrot viewing has been launched by The World Parrot Trust.

“PollyVision: Strictly for Parrots", has been produced to enhance the welfare of captive parrots as part of the World Parrot Day celebrations on May 31st.

The DVD was produced by parrot biologist and WPT Director, Jamie Gilardi. It’s designed to enhance the quality of life of the UK's one million pet parrots and 4 million budgies.

This DVD is multi-regional and should play on most DVD players. Price includes world-wide shipping




Pollyvision DVD
The 80 minute film takes viewers around the world to explore the daily lives of wild parrots: preening, calling, eating and flying through the rainforest.

“We wanted to make a film for captive birds. It will fill some of the boring moments in their lives. Parrots are highly intelligent, sensitive and social creatures. They need a great deal of enrichment and stimulation, or they get bored and depressed, and as humans are do, they develop psychological and behavioural problems.” says Gilardi.

The film was carefully edited according to parrots’ particular interests, visual aptitude and attention span. "We recommend that parrots watch this movie on a flat screen television, as their superior visual abilities mean they suffer the flickering of old tv’s much more than we do. That’s the best excuse you can have for buying a new flat screen tv….buy it for your bird!”

Please note: due to massive demand delivery may take up to 21 days
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price: £ 9.95


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The first experience of my own birds

This evening I put on the DVD for my birds. Tommy.. my CAG was sitting on his perch right before the television, so he could see it very well. My sennie Mickey was sitting with me on the couch.
It was a great experience!! For my birds as well as for myself. Not only the wonderful scenery of the real thing (parrots in nature) but also and especially the effect what it had on my birds.


Tommy was looking around the room first.. as if he thought he? were are these birds coming from? My sennie Mickey - first still sitting in her cage - sat `at the top of her perch´ trying to see it. So I got her out too. Then Tommy start staring at the TV, it was so funny.. seeing him pin pointing!! The funniest thing of all was the part of the Greys. I think he didn't realize it were grey parrots too... he turned his back on the TV and started preening.. after some minutes I put the play-table so that he was facing the TV again.. I know he loved it.. but it was the first time he saw it.. will be continued for sure!!

Ellen, June 28 2004 (and - of course - a member of the WPT for years!, see www.worldparrottrust.org).

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