Pookie, the budgie

This is Pookie, my new budgie! After Rakker died I was doubting about getting a new budgie.. but when my friend Anneke told me she had babies... cute babies... gosh... I was sold!! She promised me a new budgie and started hand feeding one..

Pookie is born on June 19, 2003. On July 25th he came home.. yes.. it's a he. He is cute, playful, always trying to play with my other birds, small or big.. LOL, that doesn't matter to him. He loves them all. You will see that later on, on some photo's where he meets my Senegal parrot.

October 22, 2006 (quite different feather colors than he was a baby!)

First some baby photo's; click on the thumbnails to enlarge!!


Here some photo's of Pookie after he came home. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photo's!

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