Sammy, the hybrid lovebird Sammy

Sammy is born on December the 13 last year (2003) and she (I think she is female....) is a baby from Pucky and Sweetie. Here she came out of her eggie:

This was soooo wonderful to see. The diary of Sammy from baby till a lovebird of about 5 / 6 weeks old you can find here.It will bring you to the breeding menu (on the left!) and then click on Pucky and Sweeties nest 2003 part 4!

Anyway, Sammy would go to a friend of mine, but in the beginning of his little life I was troubling with my greyparrot Tommy again and I wasn't totally sure if I still have pbfd here in my home. (click on the word pbfd to read more about this). My friend had other birds too.. so I looked through friends of mine for another baby lovebird and Sammy stayed here! She is doing real great and is very tame.. especially because I hadnfed her. She now lives with her brother Dinky in my room aviary.

October 22, 2006

Here some photos of Sammy from February 2004 till now..

Just click on the thumbnails to see the larger photo:

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